Harass­ment, Mobbing & Bossing

Harass­ment by co-workers or supe­ri­ors, work­place conflicts

What counts as “mobbing” (harass­ment by co-workers)? What counts as “bossing” (harass­ment by supe­ri­ors)? In rela­tion to which issues should care be taken? What steps should be taken? What possi­bi­li­ties are there for resol­ving work­place dispu­tes amicably?

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Dr. iur. Harry Nötzli is a licen­sed Attor­ney-at-Law and a Certi­fied Specia­list SBA Employ­ment Law and has broad and long-stan­ding expe­ri­ence in the area of employ­ment law and public sector labour law. He advi­ses and repres­ents private indi­vi­du­als, enter­pri­ses, public sector workers and muni­ci­pa­li­ties. He is able to guaran­tee compe­tent and prag­ma­tic support to his clients and, as a part­ner in the law firm, has an excel­lent network of connections.

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