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The key issues concer­ning overtime

Wednes­day, 16. Novem­ber 2022|

Arti­cle ZHAW Alumni Time and again, after their  employ­ment rela­ti­ons­hip has ended, employees demand compen­sa­tion for over­time worked. There are some hurd­les to over­come here. Over­time is the posi­tive diffe­rence in […]

Inte­res­ting facts about the non-compe­­ti­­tion clause

Tues­day, 13. Septem­ber 2022|

Employees frequently move to compe­ting compa­nies for a variety of reasons. In this context, it is often said that non-compe­ti­tion clau­ses are inad­mis­si­ble or “not enfor­ce­able anyway”. Howe­ver, this asser­tion does […]

Covid and Labour Law

Wednes­day, 18. August 2021|

Arti­cle ZHAW Alumni The coro­na­vi­rus and its effects on employ­ment law raise nume­rous ques­ti­ons, some of which have not been judged by the courts. In the first part of the new […]

Short-time work for the whole company only — or for the indi­vi­dual employee too?

Satur­day, 28. March 2020|

In the past few days I have been asked several times whether short-time work has to be intro­du­ced for the whole company or whether it can be limi­ted to indi­vi­dual employees. […]

The core issues asso­cia­ted with part-time work

Friday, 14. Febru­ary 2020|

In prac­tice, more and more working time models are being intro­du­ced that are no longer based on fixed and regu­lar working hours, but allow for flexi­ble distri­bu­tion of working time. Despite the […]

The pitfalls of the medi­cal certificate

Monday, 22. April 2019|

An employee’s inca­pa­city for work and, accord­in­gly, a medi­cal certi­fi­cate play an important role in employ­ment law. It is the employee’s respon­si­bi­lity to provide proof of inca­pa­city, and he usually submits a […]

Private employ­ment law: The employer’s reference

Monday, 2. Octo­ber 2017|

The employer’s refe­rence always gives rise to debate. This is under­stand­a­ble, as refe­ren­ces are important for the employee’s future career advan­ce­ment. The following, there­fore, is a summary of the most important […]

Over­time and extra work hours

Monday, 13. March 2017|

Over­time and extra work hours are not the same thing and must be strictly distin­guis­hed. Issues surroun­ding over­time and extra work hours are a constant source of concern for the courts. […]

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